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Main solutions that we offer

Freight Forwarding

Our FF operations are based on our well-developed carrier network, exclusive contracts, with the help of which we are able to provide quality transport services in all of Europe, as well as in the Near and Middle East, in North Africa, by road, sea and by air.


Customs Clearance

Our Customs Clearance service offers professional assistance in navigating the complex regulations and procedures required for importing and exporting goods across international borders, working closely with our clients to ensure timely clearance.

Road Transport

From shipping one pallet to handling your complete distribution, our presence in strategic corners of Europe with operational offices and warehouses, strengthens our reach of each coast and our focus on high value customer needs.


Sea Freight

Modal Group's Sea Freight service offers comprehensive solutions for the transportation of goods via ocean shipping. Our team of experts will work with you to plan and execute the most efficient and cost-effective shipping routes for your cargo.


Modal Group is fully equipped with performant computerized logistics systems existent in the transports field, thus being able to reach the complexity of logistics, through rigorously analyzed, visualized, and optimized solutions.



Our service offers end-to-end solutions for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of goods. We will work with you to create a customized distribution plan that meets your specific requirements, taking into account factors such as delivery time, budget, and location.

The Future. Delivered.


Main business fields that we opperate


Shipbuilding Industry

Food & Beverages


Boat Transport

Chemical & Refinery


From Zero to Hero.

  • 2017-2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Modal Group was co-founded and released, the first year being a consolidation and growing period.

  • 2019

    Exclusive Trucks

    Approximatively 100 trucks working exclusively for Modal Group

  • 2020-2021


    Development of our freight forwarding Web Portal and spotTM App

  • 2022


    Engagement of our digital solutions to all of our clients. New warehouses in Romania!

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    Of Our


Instant Pricing | Instant ETA | Instant Tracking

Matching Goods & Trucks

Digital solution

Track & Trace

In real time

Fully Customizable 

Endless possibilities

We bring freight forwarding & transports in the palm of your hand!

spotTM App


Innovative digital solution matching your GOODS with our TRUCKS and our GOODS with your TRUCKS.

Coming soon in AppStore and GooglePlay!

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Our company collects only data associated with legal entities and their representatives, which are related to aspects and business criteria, namely: name and surname, position within the company, postal address of the company, e-mail address and telephone number, landline and / or mobile, fax.
We inform you that this data is used exclusively for contractual purposes, for the transmission of commercial and technical information, offers, confirmations, financial statements in connection with the contractual relations (due invoices, debits). Our company has taken steps to maintain the security of your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction / loss, unauthorized modification or use, disclosure and any other form of illegal processing. The above data will be kept for the period of time necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by law or to comply with the archiving obligations imposed by applicable law. 

If you do not agree with the storage of your personal data in the database of  MODAL SHIFT SRL, please send an e-mail to specifying this option, you can return at any time, on your decision by email or a direct request.